Diamond Academy-23


There are a lot of exciting topics this year that will help develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world they live in.

In class 3AR, we are excited for the children to start their journey in Key Stage 2 developing into more mature and independent learners. The children will experience new, interesting opportunities such as modern foreign languages, swimming lessons and experience the wider curriculum through topics such as ‘Tribal Tales’ and ‘Tremors’ during afternoon learning.

Our morning routine consists of spelling, reading, English and maths. Spelling is an essential part of our English curriculum and we will be focusing on securing our knowledge on the Year 3 spelling rules and words. In English, we will be reading a range of novels such as Krindlekrax, Iron Man and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. As well as covering genres such as adverts, newspaper articles and instructions. Children will be applying the punctuation and grammar they already know as well as learning about determiners, adverbs, inverted commas and more!

Mathematics is taught using the ‘Maths No Problem’ scheme. The children will develop their fluency skills and then applying their knowledge to answer reasoning and problem-solving. Each lesson has many parts and we also cover mental maths daily.

What their teacher says:

“Becoming part of Diamond Hall Academy Junior I am delighted to begin my journey in Year 3! I am excited to teach, support, and nurture the children in becoming the best they can be!”
Miss Robinson

What the children say:

“I’m enjoying having a nice new classroom, nice teacher and all the same friends this year!” (Keira) “I like learning to write in joined-up handwriting!” (Brian) “I can’t wait to go swimming with my class!” (Tyler)