Diamond Academy-23


In Year 3, children are starting to become much more mature learners and basic skills are a huge focus. In maths, children are developing both their mental and formal strategies for addition and subtraction. They are also learning their timetables up to 12 x 12.

In English, children are now reading a much wider range of texts. Children are now looking at meaning within texts rather than simply on the decoding of words. They are also beginning to recognise some text-specific features and styles.  Within their writing, children are using a wider, more interesting vocabulary range and are applying these skills to create characters and settings.

What their teacher says:

My class are hard working and conscientious. They try their hardest to produce work of a high standard. I enjoy teaching as I love seeing children make progress and develop into individuals with their own personality and areas of strength. I encourage a caring and rights respecting ethos in my class.
Miss O'Connor

What the students say:

"I like to do my Superhero picture." (Zion) "I love maths! I like to help other people when they get stuck. (Finley) “I have been trying hard with my writing as I really want to get a handwriting pen” (Olivia)