Diamond Academy-23


In class 4CR, we are looking forward to a fantastic year filled with exciting experiences. As well as building upon literacy and numeracy skills, we will also learn new skills, such as swimming.

Our first class novel is ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. We will be learning how to write creatively about different types of dragons, and how language choices impact the reader. As a class, we will also have access to a wide range of literature in our school library.

In maths, we will be looking at numbers to 1,000 as well as adding and subtracting within 10,000. We will also build upon our knowledge of multiplication, division, fractions, graphs and time.

Our first topic is ‘I am Warrior’, where we will be learning all about the Romans and why they invaded Britain. Art, history and geography skills will be taught thematically through meaningful links to this topic.

This year, we will make three visits to Beamish Museum, where we will carry out enquires and learn about life in the past.

What their teacher says:

In our class, we enjoy asking questions and finding out new information. We demonstrate how to be rights respecting by looking out for each other and ensuring that everyone knows their rights in school.
Miss Riddler
“I enjoy when we work together as a class because we get to do things together” (Kulsuma) "I like helping people on the yard. It’s nice to help people if they don’t have someone to play with.” (Beatrice) “I like maths because it is challenging.” (Layton)