Diamond Academy-23


Welcome to 4CT. We are looking forward to an exciting year, full of learning and new experiences. The children will continue to develop their literacy and numeracy skills, while also learning new ones such as swimming. They will make three visits to Beamish, where they will carry out enquiries and learn about life in the past.

In Year 4 the children will build on their reading, writing and maths skills. They are encouraged to read at home every night and discuss and ask questions about what they have read. They will write for a variety of different purposes and audiences, incorporating the skills they learn. Children are expected to apply these writing skills in other areas of the curriculum. In maths, children will work with numbers up to 10,000. They will learn written methods for the four operations and apply skills through problem solving and reasoning.

Our topics in the foundation subjects include: Road Trip USA, Potions and Traders and Raiders, where children will combine their reading, writing and maths skills with skills from other areas of the curriculum such as history, geography and science. In RE, the children will learn about the customs and beliefs of the world’s major religions.

What their teacher says:

Being a teacher is a very rewarding job. It allows me to work with and make a difference to the lives of many young people.
Mrs Taylor

What the students say:

"I like my class because I get challenges." (Michael) "I love my class because I have lots of friends and I like sharing my ideas. I also like the challenges that my teacher gives me." (Isabel) "My favourite part about school is English because we all work together to gather ideas for our work." (Grace)