Diamond Academy-23


The students will follow a varied and inspiring curriculum throughout Year 4.

In maths, children will learn place value up to four digits through addition and subtraction and begin looking at decimal numbers. They will develop their literacy skills by accessing a wide range of literature such as class readers and use of the school library.

In Year 4, the children will cover a range of our new Cornerstones curriculum topics. Through the history topics, children will cover the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, Normans and Romans. Their STEM learning will cover sound, electricity and plants and animals in science. Finally, their geography learning through the year will see them develop their map work and local history studies linked to visits to Beamish.

What their teacher says:

4DG is a class of wide ranging talents. Children have expressed their abilities in a wide range of activities from art to sport to writing or maths. Teaching provides me with the opportunity to make a difference by stimulating an interest, which can make them into lifelong learners.
Mr Guthrie

What the students say:

"My favourite thing is maths because you can challenge yourself or your friends." (Aleighya) "I like being part of the Rights Respecting steering group because we can promote our rights around school." (Arshad) "I think school is a kind and helpful place where we try to do our best." (Ellie)