Diamond Academy-23


Within our maths work we are studying not only four rule computation, place value, shape and space and data representation, but we are placing a great emphasis on mathematical investigations and problem solving.

Our class reading book this term is “How To Train Your Dragon” where we are discovering the perils and potential pitfalls of trying to catch and train a fierce dragon of your own, it’s a roller-coaster of a read!

Our main topic is “Burps, Bottoms and Bile” where we are finding out about healthy eating and lifestyles, and then the journey our food takes from the very first mouthful to complete digestion.

Year 4 is the year group where we start swimming. Everyone goes, whether you are learning water confidence, preliminary watermanship skills or stroke technique, a great time is had by all.

What their teacher says:

I am committed to working with children to help promote both their independent learning and the taking of independent responsibility for their own learning. To be educated is not to arrive at a destination, but to travel with a different view.
Mrs Bendelow

What the students say:

"I love my class, we get to go swimming, do creative arts and learn to play musical instruments." (Connie) "I really like my class and school. I am helped to make lots of friends and to express myself." (Syed) "My classroom is calm. We get lots of challenges and it’s a safe place to learn." (John)