Diamond Academy-23


In Year 5, we cover a range of exciting topics such as ‘Beast Creator’ and ‘Pharaohs’ that help the children to develop new skills as they progress through upper school. 5AF will have a busy but fun year as they develop their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum.

The books that will be covered in Year 5 are Kensuke’s Kingdom, Tom’s Midnight Garden and Holes. These books will allow children to journey using their imagination and help to provide lots of interesting things for them to write about. The children will learn lots of new writing skills including using parenthesis, colons and modal verbs to improve their writing. They will also have lots of opportunities to develop their reading skills using accelerated reader. 

In maths, children will be taught using ‘Maths- No Problem’ which encourages children to develop a deeper level of understanding through a range of engaging activities. Maths- No Problem encourages children to master the skills in the national curriculum and gives questions and problems in a range of styles. This will help children to read and understand maths problems on a deeper level.

The topics that will be covered this year allow the children to make links between their learning and the world around them. These topics, which include Beast Creator, Pharaohs and Off with her Head, allow the children to explore a range of skills from map reading in geography to cookery in design and technology.

What their teacher says:

The children in our class are eager to learn lots of new things and unafraid of new challenges. As a class, we are kind to each other and demonstrate a rights respecting behaviour to ensure everyone feels safe and confident when coming to school.
Miss Fucile

What the children say:

In our class we have already done lots of exciting activities like exploring the habitats of mini-beasts through a mini-beast hunt. We even had mini-beasts into our classroom, like the giant African land snail, to make our learning fun.