Diamond Academy-23


In Year 5, we cover a range of new and exciting topics that help the children to develop new skills as they progress through upper school. 5AF will have a busy year as they develop their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum.

The books that will be covered in Year 5 are Kensuke’s Kingdom, Tom’s Midnight Garden and Holes. These books will allow children to journey using their imagination and help to provide lots of interesting things for them to write about. The children will learn lots of new writing skills including using parenthesis, colons and modal verbs to improve their writing. They will also have lots of opportunities to get better at reading. 

In maths, children will be taught using ‘Inspire Maths’ which encourages children to develop a deeper level of understanding through a range of engaging activities. Inspire Maths encourages children to master the skills in the national curriculum and gives questions and problems in a range of styles. This will help children to read and understand maths problems on a deeper level.

The topics that will be covered this year allow the children to make links between their learning and the world around them. These topics, which include Beast Creator, Pharaohs and Off with her Head, allow the children to explore a range of skills such as map reading in geography to cookery in design and technology.

What their teacher says:

Our class is very excited to learn about a range of new and interesting topics that make teaching and learning so much fun!
Miss Fucile

Recent topics

Our first topic of the year has been ‘Scream Machine’ where we have learnt lots about the forces that are in action on a range of different theme park rides. We have conducted many experiments, both in the class room and on the yard and the students have expressed their amazement at some of the results we have found. We have also done a lot of map work in geography to compare the locations of different theme parks and explore how map keys give important information to the user. This topic has given us the opportunity to take part in a lot of practical activities, which the children have particularly enjoyed.

Our topic of the ‘The Pharaohs’ will give us the chance to travel back thousands of years and learn about the kings and queens of the ancient Egyptian times. This will give us lots of chances to explore ancient history and think about what life was like for children and adults in the past. It will be very interesting to compare life now and life back then.

What the students say:

“School is a great way to learn lots of new skills. We are encouraged to interact with each other and share our ideas.”, “PE is my favourite lesson because we get to develop our team work skills. I also like that in literacy I can see an improvement in my writing every week.”