Diamond Academy-23


In Year 5, we cover a range of exciting topics such as ‘Off with her head and ‘Pharaohs’ which help the children to develop new skills as they progress through upper school. 5HL will have an exciting year as they develop their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum.

The books that will be covered in Year 5 include our first novel, Treason, by Berlie Doherty. Our class novels will allow children use their imagination and help to provide lots of interesting things for them to write about. The children will learn lots of new writing skills and they will also have lots of opportunities to develop their reading skills using accelerated reader. 

In maths, children will be taught using ‘Maths- No Problem’ which encourages children to develop a deeper level of understanding through a range of engaging activities. Maths- No Problem encourages children to master the skills in the national curriculum and gives questions and problems in a range of styles. This will help children to read and understand maths problems on a deeper level.

The topics that will be covered this year allow the children to make links between their learning and the world around them. The children will also learn about different faiths and beliefs in RE, French during their MFL lessons and a range of skills and sports in PE lessons. 

Class values are very important in 5HL. In our first week in Year 5, we created our class charter. We included rights from the UNCRC including the right to have an opinion (Article 12) and the right to a clean and safe environment (Article 24).  

Homework will be given out on a Friday and will be collected on a Tuesday. 

Our class PE day is a Tuesday and children must ensure they bring the correct kit with them on that day. 

What their teacher says:

My class are a conscientious, enthusiastic and hardworking group of young people who have settled into Year 5 extremely well. I look forward to sharing this year with them so we can share new experiences together.
Mrs Laydon

What our children say:

In Year 5, I am looking forward to learning about Ancient Egypt. (Ella) I am looking forward to the school football team starting. (Kaiden) In Year 5 I am going to work hard and I look forward to doing art. (Aaron)