Diamond Academy-23


In Y5NK, we will cover many new and inspiring topics during the year.

We begin with a historical topic ‘Off With Her Head’ - this will look at the reign of the Tudors in Britain including key historical figures such as King Henry VIII and his impact on Britain during the 16th century. Later on in the year, we will study topics such as Sow, Grow and Farm, Pharaohs, Fire Damp and Davy Lamp and Scream Machine. 

Children will be taught their Maths and English lessons in classes and some of the learning within English lessons will link to our current topic. This is the case for our first half term, where we will be reading ‘Treason’ by Berlie Doherty, which follows the life of a young boy called William Montague, who finds himself working for King Henry VIII in a tricky time of religious change. English and Maths homework will be set weekly on a Friday to be returned to school on the following Monday. Spelling lists will also be given half termly, and tested each week following our daily spelling sessions. Times tables will be learnt through our new scheme, Times Tables Rockstars.

In Science, we shall investigate and explore topics such as Living Things and their Habitats, Earth and Space, Forces, Reversible and Irreversible changes and Animals Including Humans. We shall study the theory behind these topics as well as completing our own investigations. 

We shall study different religions throughout the year and will start by looking at Hinduism and the holy festival of Holi, which signifies the victory of good over evil. 

If you have any questions about Year 5, or would like any advice or help in aiding your child’s learning, then please do not hesitate to get in touch via Class Dojo. Remember that reading is an important skill and we would encourage children to be reading every night at home to develop their understanding, fluency and to develop a love of reading.

What their teacher says:

I am really looking forward to another year teaching at Diamond Hall Junior Academy. We are back to school after a strange time of lockdown and I cannot wait to see the progress that the children make both academically and personally.
Mrs Kendrick

What the children say:

I like learning about lots of different things and playing with my friends. My favourite subject is Art because you get to use lots of different colours and equipment to make artwork. (Ethan) I like playing with my friends in school and I enjoy Maths because we get to do times tables which I like. (Chloe)