Diamond Academy-23


Class 5NO will have a busy year this year as they continue to develop their skills and knowledge in a huge variety of exciting subjects.

In 5NO we have several exciting topics to look forward to - starting with ‘Beast Creator’.

This unit allows children to investigate the different species of minibeasts, explore the habitats around the world and create their very own minibeast! This will be followed by ‘Off With Her Head!’ where we will be delving into our rich history; and ‘Stargazers’, where we will looking up and exploring the world above our heads. Children will be given creative homework tasks and can earn points and rewards for completing them. In Year 5, it is interesting to see the learning that carries on at home.

During the year, the children will be building on their understanding of reading, writing and maths. Through our maths lessons, children will be learning a variety of skills including place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and many more. The children will be applying these skills to answer reasoning and real-life problems.

In English, children will write for a variety of purposes and audiences, using the skills that they have learnt to engage and interest the reader. They are encouraged to read at home every night to further their fluency and understanding of a text.

Don't forget our Foundation Subjects where children will be working on their computing skills, sculpting and drawing and even some cooking!

What their teacher says:

Because of the children and my colleagues, I come into school every morning with a smile on my face. The entire school inspire me with their resilience and hard work. They are so determined to make the world a kinder, more respectful place to be and I applaud that.
Miss N O'Connor

What our children say:

"I really like sharing my ideas in English and topic learning because everyone has different ideas and that's a good thing" (Adil). "I think our rights, like making our talents better, is really important in school. My football skills are really getting good" (Layton). Art lessons are the best! (Keira)