Diamond Academy-23


In Year 5, we cover a range of exciting topics that help the children to develop new skills as they progress through upper school. 5NO will have a busy but fun year as they develop their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum.

In 5NO we have several exciting topics to look forward to - starting with ‘Off with her Head’. This unit allows the children to learn about Henry VIII: how he changed the course of history and went against one of the most powerful religious figures at the time, the Pope. 

Following on from the topic of  ‘Scrumdiddlyumpcious’ that the children learnt about in Year 3, the next topic ‘Sow, Grow and Farm’ will allow the children to delve into the world of farming, consider the food that they eat and where it has come from. The following topics are ‘Pharaohs’ and ‘Firedamp and Davy Lamp’. These give the children an opportunity to travel back in time and explore what Egypt and the North-East were like in the past and how they contributed to our rich history. Children will be given creative homework tasks and can earn points and rewards for completing them. In Year 5, it is interesting to see the learning that carries on at home. Get creative with your family or friends!

During the year, the children will be building on their understanding of reading, writing and maths. Through our maths lessons, children will be learning a variety of skills including place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and many more. The children will be applying these skills to answer reasoning and real-life problems, like measuring the size of Henry VIII or writing simple recipes to follow. 

In English, children will write for a variety of purposes and audiences, using the skills that they have learnt to engage and interest the reader. Some of these texts include: ‘Treason’ and ‘Black Beauty’. is a useful website with a huge variety of books to choose from, so the children have access to appropriate, enjoyable books. They are strongly encouraged to read at home every night to further their fluency and understanding of a text.

Don't forget our foundation subjects, including PE and computing. I am looking forward to seeing what the children bring to our gymnastics and dance lessons. In addition, we will be looking at how to improve our sportsmanship and teamwork in football. The children will be able to build on their creative skills, like sculpting, drawing and making some melodies!

What their teacher says:

I come into school every morning with a smile on my face. This is down to the wonderful children that attend our school and the special staff that work tirelessly to ensure our school is a hub for learning, creativity and a safe place to be. I revel in the opportunity to start another year here!
Miss O'Connor

What the children say:

I can’t wait to learn about the Tudors. It looks interesting, because it was a very different time. (Natalie - Ann) I know that Year 5 will be harder than last year but I think it’ll be fun to be challenged and try new things. (Sara)