Diamond Academy-23


Class 5RT will have a busy year this year as they continue to develop their skills and knowledge in a huge variety of exciting subjects.

In maths, we learn a variety of skills including: place value; addition and subtraction; multiplication and division; fractions and many more. In maths, we place a great emphasis on developing reasoning and problem-solving skills.

In English, we develop both our writing and reading skills. Some of the skills we will learn this year include using brackets and hyphens, using modal verbs and relative clauses. To develop our reading and writing, we complete several book studies across the year including Tom’s Midnight Garden and Kensuke’s Kingdom.

We take a thematic approach to learning in foundation subjects to ensure children are able to make meaningful links between their learning and the world around them. Some of the topics we will study this year are Alchemy Island, Stargazers and Allotment. Through these topics, we develop a range of skills from map reading in geography to designing fair tests in science.

What their teacher says:

Our class is full of unique, enthusiastic children who have a thirst for knowledge and learning. We look out for each other and demonstrate what it means to be rights respecting on a daily basis through our kindness and compassion.
Miss Towers

What our children say:

“We are already enjoying our topic lessons. We have made models for our creative homework, which were really fun to make." (Ambreen) “In 5RT, we have fun during lessons but we still work hard.” (Riley M) “In our class, we have lots of things to help us learn like place value counters in maths.” (Heidi A)