Diamond Academy-23


Year 6 is a challenging, memorable and rewarding year for the children. We aim to provide pupils with a well-rounded, inspiring curriculum that prepares them for both the rigours of academic life and the world beyond the school gates.

In literacy, we aim to develop our writing and reading skills by exploring a variety of texts types and writing a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. We have started off the year by completing some out of art writing, inspired by the painting of a WW1 soldier, Tommy. Our literacy novel ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpurgo will allow us to write in role as a range of characters and explore different themes related to war, while developing our inference and deduction skills to explore the relationships between different characters.

In numeracy, we will use a combination of Maths No Problem and application activities to develop our maths skills, including reasoning and problem solving. We started the year by focusing on place value and have now moved onto using the four operations. We will apply our skills in a variety of maths investigations.

In Science, we have been studying a topic called ‘Blood Heart’. As part of this topic, we have learnt all about the circulatory system and the role of different parts of that system, including the heart and blood vessels. We took part in a dissection of a lamb’s heart to further explore the different parts of the heart and better understand how it works. Over the course of the year, we will also study electricity, inheritance, evolution and adaptation.

In history, we will learn all about WW1, WW2 and the roles played by men and women. We will also look at the roles animals played in each of these wars, and whether it was necessary to involve animals. Furthermore, we will look at how each of these wars affected the lives of children through evacuation.

We will explore different religions in R.E including Sikhism, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism. We will learn how commitment is important to a faith or belief and how different religious followers show commitment to their religion.

In P.E, are currently learning different skills required to play netball. We have looked at the rule surrounding footwork and learnt the different positions within a netball team. Our next topic will be gymnastics and we will then move onto dance.

Diamond Hall is a Rights Respecting gold award school and because of this, children’s’ rights play an integral role in 6AH. We have developed a class charter to ensure that children’s’ rights are being met and we regularly talk about how different articles link to our everyday learning.

Over the course of the year, homework will be sent home on a Friday to be handed in on the following Tuesday. Homework is important in ensuring children retain and practise the skills taught during the week while at home so that they can move forward the following week. Spellings will be sent home on a Thursday and children will be tested on these words the following Thursday. If children require support with homework, they can ask for support during Monday lunch times.

What their teacher says:

In Year 6, we will cover a range of exciting topic to inspire us to think more critically. Year 6 is a busy but fun year and children will face new challenges as the develop new and useful skills across the curriculum.
Mrs Herron

What the children say:

"My favourite topic is maths because it gets my mind working and always presents new challenges." (Scott) "My favourite lesson is history because I like learning about the past and what life used to be like in the olden days." (Adam)