Diamond Academy-23


In Year 6 we will cover a lot of exciting topics, it is an important year but also an enjoyable one.

In 6BH, we will be covering new and exciting topics throughout the year. We are starting with the historical topic ‘Fallen Fields’- this topic will focus on World War 1, looking at the causes of the war, life as a soldier, the end of the war and how it is remembered. Later in the year, we will also study the topics ‘A Child’s War’, ‘Frozen Kingdom’, ‘Hola Mexico’ and ‘Darwin’s Delights’. 

In Year 6, children work in smaller teaching groups for maths and English lessons, with work then tailored for the children. English and maths homework is set weekly on a Friday, to be returned to school on the following Monday. The children are given new spellings on a Friday to be learned during the week in our spelling sessions and then tested on a Friday. Times tables will be learnt through our new scheme, Times Tables Rockstars. 

In science, we will be exploring and investigating topics such as The Circulatory System, Electricity, Evolution, Light and Living things and their habitats. We will look into the concepts of these topics, as well as taking part in scientific investigations to explore the topics. 

In RE, we are starting the year looking at the Jewish festivals Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Throughout the year we will then study other religious festivals and practices. 

If you have any questions about Year 6, or would like any advice or help in aiding your child’s learning, then please do not hesitate to get to in touch via Class DOJO. Remember that reading is an important skill and we would encourage children to be reading every night at home to develop their understanding, fluency and love for reading.

What their teacher says:

In Year 6 we will cover a lot of exciting topics, it is an important year but also an enjoyable one. I am looking forward to the year to come and I cannot wait to see the progress the children make academically and personally, before they transition to secondary school.
Mrs Haydon

What the children say:

I enjoy working on group projects and art. I love is how we all get to share our ideas and opinions. (Jasmine) My favourite subject is science because you can do experiments and show your skills. (Adil) My favourite subject is art. I have lots of fun while learning new things in schools. (Myreen)