Diamond Academy-23


Year 6 is a busy year at primary school. We have lots to cover in the run up to SATs and we aim to cover everything in a way that will inspire and excite our children.

In literacy we develop our writing skills and reading skills starting with reading ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpurgo. 

In numeracy, we have completed our first unit on place value.  We have been developing our reasoning skills and problem solving skills. 

In science this year, we have studied an exciting topic called ‘Blood Heart’ which is all about the human circulatory system.  In our first lesson, we dissected a lamb’s heart to look at the key features of the organ.

Over the next few months we will study electricity, adaptation, inheritance and evolution as well as looking at how science will affect our future in a topic called ‘Tomorrow’s World’.

In history we are currently learning about World War One and next we will learn about World War Two. We have learnt about gender roles in the war, the use of animals and about different battles including The Battle of the Somme.

In RE we have been investigating the importance of Sunday to Christians. We conducted a survey and produced a graph with the results. We have also evaluated the importance of music in Christian worship and we are learning to understand the importance of commitment to a faith or a belief.

This term in PE we have been developing our footwork, passing and teamwork skills in Netball.

In Spanish, we have learned numbers to 30, colours, days of the week and months of the year. During European Day of Languages, we put our new vocabulary into sentences in Spanish. 

What their teacher says:

My class this year are a hard-working, conscientious and enthusiastic group of young people who have settled into Year 6 extremely well. I look forward to sharing this academic year with them so we can share new experiences together.
Mrs Laydon

What the students say:

"Even though we are only a few weeks into the new school year, I’ve really enjoyed being in Year 6! It has been interesting and fun." (Christopher) "I love Diamond Hall Junior Academy because everyone is equal!" (Nyeisha)