Diamond Academy-23


Year 6 is a busy year at primary school. We have lots to cover in the run up to SATs and we aim to cover everything in a way that will inspire and excite our children.

In literacy, we develop our writing and reading skills starting with some descriptive narrative work about World War One.  In the next few weeks, we will be reading ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpurgo. It is a fantastic story.  

In numeracy, we are learning about place value and how to identify, write, order and compare numbers up to 10 million.  We have been developing our reasoning skills and problem solving skills. 

In science, we are studying an exciting topic called ‘Blood Heart’ which is all about the human circulatory system. In our first lesson, we dissected a lamb’s heart to look at the key features of the organ.

We will go on to study electricity, adaptation, inheritance and evolution as well as looking at how science will affect our future in a topic called ‘Tomorrow’s World’.

In history, we learn about World War One and then World War Two. We learn about gender roles in the war, the use of animals and about different battles including The Battle of the Somme.

In RE, we will be learning about the Sikh festival Bandi Chhor Divas. We will also be learning to understand the importance of commitment to a faith or a belief.

In PE, we develop our footwork, passing and teamwork skills in netball and other team sports. 

This year in MFL, we will be learning French. We will learn numbers to 30, colours, days of the week and months of the year and we will also celebrate European Day of Languages.  

Class values are very important in 6HL. In our first week in Year 6, we created our class charter. We included rights from the UNCRC including the right to have an opinion (Article 12) and the right to a clean and safe environment (Article 24).  

Homework will be given out on a Friday and will be collected on a Tuesday. However, if there are any issues children can attend homework club on a Monday to complete any work.  

What their teacher says:

My class are a conscientious, enthusiastic and hardworking group of young people who have settled into Year 6 extremely well. I look forward to sharing this academic year with them so we can share new experiences together.
Mrs Laydon

What the children say:

"I think Year 6 so far has been great. We have settled really well! Year 6 is fun." (Ellie) "Diamond Hall is a Rights Respecting school and we all make sure we look after each other in 6HL." (Yaksh) "This year has been interesting. I'm looking forward to our electricity topic later this year. " (Joshua)