Diamond Academy-23


Year 6 is an important year with lots of hard work in the run up to the SATs, but also enjoyable and memorable with all of the exciting opportunities they are given.

In Y6NK we cover many new and inspiring topics during the year. We begin with the scientific topic ‘Bloodheart’ - looking at the circulatory system and its function within the human body, We have dissected a lamb’s heart to really gain a deeper understanding. Later on in the year we study topics such as Frozen Kingdom, Hola Mexico, Revolution and Darwin’s Delights.

In year 6, children go into smaller teaching groups for English and Maths lessons, in which teachers set tailored work for the children, often linked to our current topic. English and Maths homework is set weekly on a Friday, to be returned to school on the following Monday. The children are given new spellings on a Thursday to be learned during the course of the week in our spelling sessions and then tested on a Thursday.

In history we start by looking at World War 1, linking this to our English novel War Horse and then progress onto World War 2. We will learn about the roles of women and men in the war, rationing and how people were impacted. In RE we start looking at Sikhism, through the festival Bandi Chhor Divas, and then throughout the year studying other religious festivals and practices.  

In Science we shall investigate and explore topics such as electricity, light, living things and their habitatsand evolution. We shall study the theory behind these topics as well as completing our own investigations. In PE we will be improving our netball skills focusing on footwork rules and accurate passing.

If you have any questions about Year 6, or would like any advice or help in aiding your child’s learning, then please do not hesitate to get to in touch. Remember that reading is an important skill and we would encourage children to be reading every night at home to develop their understanding, fluency and love for reading.

What their teacher says:

I am really enjoying being a teacher at Diamond Hall Junior Academy. My class are very hardworking, considerate and enjoy learning new things. Year 6 is an important year and I cannot wait to see the progress that the children make, both academically and personally.
Mrs Kendrick

What the children say:

" I have loved Year 6 so far! I have really enjoyed my English lessons, they are interesting and I love completing big writes and using figurative language."

What the children say:

I love sport and enjoy doing PE lessons and playing football and basketball at breaktimes. overall, I have settled into Year 6 really well and am learning a lot to pass my SATs."