Diamond Academy-23


Year 6 is a very important year for the children. In maths and English, we will work in small groups to make sure that the children are fully equipped for KS2 SATs. They will be covering all of the Year 6 curriculum for reading, writing and maths at the level and pace which is best for each individual child.

As well as doing reading, writing and maths, we will cover a wide range of topics in other subjects. In the Autumn term we will be studying World War 1 and 2 for our history topics. In science, we will be looking at the heart and circulation, and other exciting topics such as electricity, frozen planet and evolution and inheritance.

We have made changes to RE this year to allow the children to study six different religions. In PE, we will cover a range of different sports, allowing the children to get the opportunity to join a variety of sporting teams. To add to this, we will be doing some exciting projects in music, art, DT and computing.

This is such an exciting year!

What their teacher says:

My class never fail to make me laugh and smile. They always try their hardest at everything and they love nothing more than a class debate. Teaching is a job that never fails to amaze me, as each day is different! When a child grasps a piece of learning, it is always a special moment that makes me proud.
Mrs Wilson

What the students say:

"I enjoy working with other children from other classes.", "My favourite subject is history because I love learning about the past.", "I enjoy the opportunities we get to do a variety of clubs and competitions.", "I love the way we get to play musical instruments.", "I like the roles we get to do in Year 6."