Diamond Academy Oct 2017 yard playground breaktime

PE and sports premium

Since October 2013, schools have received the PE and Sport Grant from the Government to improve physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding is allocated to schools to fund extra, sustainable improvements to PE and sport in school so that children develop healthy, active lifestyles. Schools receive £8,000 plus £5 per pupil per year.

Diamond Hall Junior Academy will receive £9525 during the 2016/2017 academic year. This will be used to:

  • Improve the health and well-being of pupils.
  • Develop children’s understanding of leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Increase levels of activity and participation of pupils during lunchtimes and in school clubs. Increase participation in sports competition within school.
  • Increase opportunities to represent the school in sporting activities. Develop co-operation and teamwork of pupils.
  • Increase levels of pupils’ self confidence.
  • Improve the quality of teaching in PE.
  • Enable pupils to observe positive role models.


Planned spend


Success criteria

Primary school sports SLA


Specialist PE teacher working alongside teachers in lessons to improve their subject knowledge and improve how PE is taught.

Sporting leagues and tournaments


Increased participation in intra and inter sports competitions.

Increase access to sports competitions by providing transport to sporting competitions.

Multi-skills coaching


Specialist coaches working alongside teachers in lessons to improve their subject knowledge.

Providing activities for lunchtimes and after school clubs to improve the amount and variety of physical activity offered to pupils.

Detailed impact of sports development in 2015/16

In the academic year 2015/16 Diamond Hall Junior Academy was allocated £9,545. This was spent as follows:



Competitive activities - £500 

  • Football leagues
  • Tennis competition
  • Netball leagues
  • Hockey
  • Athletics
  • Swimming gala
  • Skipping
  • Tag
  • Rugby

Children have enjoyed having the opportunityto compete against others at a range of events.

Raised the profile of sporting, competitive activities.

Specialist PE teacher -  £4000






Opportunities for staff to observe and team teach during PE sessions. Staff have been up skilled and feel more confident and competent in these areas.

Multi-skills coaches - £5045 Specialist teaching of specific skills associated with key sports within the national curriculum, lunchtime and after school activities. To prepare pupils to be able to participate in competitive activities.