Diamond Academy Oct 2017 PE

PE information


School Games Mark

  • 2017-18 – pending
  • Silver Mark 2016-17
  • Bronze Mark 2015-16

Great Active Sunderland School Charter

  • Gold 2017-18
  • Silver 2016-17
  • Gold 2015-16


Sports Hall Athletics

16 children went to Farringdon to take part in an athletics competition. We went as a strong team and worked hard on the day. We had to do a range of running, throwing and jumping events throughout the afternoon. Overall we finished 4th. We were very proud of ourselves. We did exceptionally well in some of the events such as the four lap relay race where our boys finished first and the balance test where our girl finished first. It was a great afternoon and the children supported each other well in every event.


13 children took part in this year’s gymnastics competition. We were lucky enough to have two teams. When we arrived, we could see it was going to be a tough day. There were two parts to the competition; the floor routine and the vault. In the floor routine, our A team came 5th and our B team came 7th. Our high scorers for their floor routine were Ellie Mae Ing and Georgia Matthews.

For the vault, Team A came 3rd and Team B came 5th. We had joint top scorers in the event as both Hollie Williams and Samantha Ward scored a 9.4. Both teams were very pleased with their performances on the day.


Team A

Team B








High 5

The High 5 squad have taken part in the winter league this year and the summer tournament. The progress they have made over the year has been spectacular. In the winter league, our team 1 went to the cluster final and made it to 4th place. In the summer tournament, Team 2 unfortunately lost all of their matches whereas Team 1 won their first two but sadly lost their third. This meant they just missed out on finals putting their place as 5th. We were still immensely proud of all the players as they have all progressed so well over the year.

Sports Clubs


  • Active Games Club – 3.15-4.30


  • Y5/6 Football Club – 3.15-4.30


  • Y6 High 5 Club – 3.15-4.15
  • Y3/4 Football Club


  • Street Dance – 3.15 – 4.30

Sports leaders 

Every class in school has their own sports leaders. These children help with the running of the playground and overseeing of yard equipment.

This year, all of the Year 5 children worked with Mrs Allan to complete the playmaker award. This is an introduction into leadership for children. These children have then helped support the younger children on the yard by providing structured games and activities for them to take part in.

School Games Values 

The school games values are displayed in our hall on the sports display. During each PE lesson, different values are discussed. They are also linked into other areas of school life linking well with our rights respecting school ethos. 

Our school’s sports day was split into two parts. Half of the day was spent on the yard competing in different events. The other half of the day children spent their time working with their class on the different games values.

The 6 School Games Values

DETERMINATION: Keep going no matter what. Determination is about the journey you go on to push yourself and achieve your dreams. Have the mental strength and self-discipline to overcome obstacles, commit to your goals and keep working every day to become the very best you can be. Don’t hold back!

RESPECT: Show respect for the referee, for the opposition, for your team mates, for yourself and for the game. Accepting victory and defeat with grace, treating others politely and with understanding. Have respect every day, in every sport and for everyone.

TEAM WORKTreating everyone equally, supporting each other and working together to have fun and achieve. Celebrate each other’s success and be a positive team player.

HONESTY: Be honest with others and with yourself. Have the courage to do the right thing and what you know is right. Let the best person win, not the best cheat.

SELF-BELIEF: You’ve got to believe to achieve. Have the self-belief and confidence to succeed and reach your personal best

PASSION: Giving it 100 per cent. Put your heart and soul into the game and never give up. Passion makes you enter the race and passion makes you finish it.