Diamond Academy-23


Year 3 is an exciting year in which the children will be introduced to new topics and new skills which they will carry with them into Year 4 and beyond.

This year, we will study a range of texts in literacy to support children with their reading and writing. One of my favourite texts that we cover is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, which links brilliantly with our topic of Scrumdiddlyumptious. We use our class novels to help model our own writing and to encourage the children to develop their use of grammar, punctuation and vocabulary across a range of text types. 

We will use Maths No Problem to develop a range of new maths skills and complete daily DICE tasks, encouraging the children to use and apply the skills that they learn. Times tables will be a huge focus in year 3 and the children will be expected to practise their times tables daily, both in school and at home.  We will use a range of concrete and abstract resources to support learning and children will receive regular intervention when needed. 

Some of the cornerstones topics we will cover this year are Rocks, Relics and Rumbles; Emperors and Empires and Through the Ages. Our topics will allow the children to learn a range of history and geography knowledge through fun and exciting topics. Afternoons will also be dedicated to science, MFL and RE. 

There will be a big focus on children’s rights, which may be taught both discretely and through PSHE. Children will also take part in one P.E lesson a week, where they will learn a range of skills from gymnastics, dance and ball skills. 

What their teacher says:

Our class is full of hard working and enthusiastic learners. Every day we all strive to be the best that we can be. Watching children grow into confident and independent young people is what makes this job so rewarding.
Mrs Herron

What the children say:

My favourite lesson is literacy because I love to write things. I'm looking forward to lots of exciting stories in literacy because I'm like Matilda and I love to read. (Phoebe) I love art and want to be an artist when I grow up so can't wait to use the art studio. (Alex)