Diamond Hall Junior Academy is part of the North East Learning Trust (company number 07492165). This page contains important information on our governance structures and processes.

Our trust governors

The names of our North East Learning Trust charity members are: Roy Simpson, Dianne Nicholson and Jake Cameron.

Our North East Learning Trust trustees are: Lesley Powell, Maggie Saxton, Barbara Waugh, Amanda Moon, Susan McDonnell, Major Jay Bartlett, Sandra Mason and Derek Gibson.

To see a full list of our North East Learning Trust members and trustees and their relevant business and pecuniary interests please visit

North East Learning Trust statutory information

The following links contain information on our governance structures and processes:

Diamond Hall Junior Academy members of the Local Academy Council:

  • Mrs F Hoare - Headteacher
  • Mrs E Davies (Chair) - General
  • Mrs S Wilson - Teaching staff
  • Reverend Beresford Skelton (Vice Chair of the Local Academy Council) – Reverend B Skelton can be contacted via the school address or school email address.
  • Mr G Smith – General
  • Mrs M Robson - General
  • Mr M Haggarty - General
  • Mr T Johnson - Supporting staff