Diamond Academy Oct 2017 Music


At Diamond Hall Junior Academy, children are given lots of opportunities to develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally through learning woven into all aspects of school life.

Spiritual development

We provide pupils with opportunities to explore other faiths and beliefs and to reflect on their own life experiences. At Diamond Hall we follow the Sunderland agreed syllabus for religious education, which provides children with a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum.

Pupils have opportunities to visit local churches including St Mary Magdalene’s, where they learn about special buildings and St Peter’s where they enhance their knowledge of The Northern Saints and Christianity. The school has a close partnership with Father Skelton from St Mary Magdalene’s. He regularly visits school, leads assemblies and worship at Christmas and the children attend a Christingle service every year in church.

Collective worship takes place every day at Diamond Hall.

Moral development

Children learn how to recognise the difference between right and wrong and how to take responsibility for their actions.

Diamond Hall is a Rights Respecting School (RRS). This aims to put the children’s rights at the heart of the school and is based on principles of equality, respect, non-discrimination and participation. As part of the RRS initiative, each class make their own class charter outlining how they will ensure everyone’s rights are respected. These charters are signed by all of the children and displayed in every classroom. Children are encouraged to use the language of rights and respect in school.

The school has a very proactive anti-bullying team who worked together to produce the school’s anti-bullying policy and helped us to achieve the Anti Bullying Gold Award. The children were also involved in competitions to design an anti-bullying mascot and in the displaying of leaflets and posters around the school.

Our local community police officer, PC Hood, regularly comes into school to talk to children about how they can be good citizens and also how they can stay safe outside of school.

The children also respond positively to the school’s reward system. They earn merits and medals for good work, behaviour, being polite and showing respect. Children receive medals in 'good work assembly' when they have achieved a certain number of merits.

Children are encouraged to think about the environment and what they can do to improve and preserve it. We have an ‘eco group’ who meet regularly and have helped the school achieve an Eco Award. They have promoted recycling with bins being installed for paper, plastic bottles and batteries.

Social development

Children have many opportunities to contribute to community life and to take responsibility around school.

Educational visits allow children to gain experience beyond the classroom and promote independence. We have many different visits at Diamond Hall including a residential to Derwent Hill and theatre experiences in London. Visits also take place within the curriculum to support and enhance learning in certain areas.

The school is very proud to support several charities. We have hosted coffee mornings to raise money for MacMillan, children have donated food for harvest festival which is distributed to local people. We also regularly take part in national fundraising events such as Children in Need and Red Nose Day.

The children show initiative and are willing to take on the responsibility to improve aspects of school life. We have a school council, with one elected member per class. They take the views of their peers to school council meetings and take on the role of monitors during lunchtime sessions.

Children willingly participate enthusiastically in life beyond the school day. We offer a number of after school activities with a wide range of clubs such as sport, music, art, computing and writing. The clubs are inclusive and attended by many children from across the school. The children enjoy the after school clubs and parents like the variety and range that are offered.

We help our children make progress in developing those essential personal qualities for future life and the world of work with activities including business and enterprise masterclasses, enabling enterprise projects, cycling proficiency courses, IMPs (injury minimisation programmes) and older children supporting younger children schemes.

On Friday, the whole school meets together to celebrate children’s achievements over the week in our ‘good work assembly’. Children receive certificates for good work, are awarded medals for earning merits and the winners of the ‘attendance championship’ are announced. All assemblies involve a great amount of pupil participation and involvement which inspires and develops knowledge.


Activities are planned throughout the year for children to engage in artistic, sporting and cultural opportunities.

Children are given the opportunity to learn a range of different musical instruments with tuition being offered in violin, keyboard, saxophone, clarinet, flute, drums, guitar, ukulele and recorder. All children work with a music specialist, who delivers a broad and balanced music curriculum.

Children take part in many different sporting competitions including football and netball leagues, rugby and hockey tournaments and skipping festivals.

We also take part in European Day of Languages, where the children study the culture and language of a European country. Each class chooses a different country then shares their findings with the rest of the school in assembly.

Recently we were fortunate enough to have a group of Chilean teachers visit the school. They shared their experiences of life in Chile and helped the children with their Spanish.

We have also offered other multicultural experiences including visits from Lions of Zululand - an immersive African music and dance experience.