Diamond Academy-2016

School uniform

Diamond Academy-2001


  • Red sweatshirt or cardigan 
  • White shirt
  • School tie
  • Grey straight legged trousers or knee length grey skirt
  • Plain black/grey socks or white knee-high socks/grey tights or white ankle socks in the summer
  • Plain black shoes

Policy on hairstyles: 

  • All hair longer than shoulder length or hair that restricts viewing needs to be tied back.
  • Pupils cannot have any non-natural hair colours eg. blue/green/pink. 
  • Pupils should not have any decorative braids (those you may get on holiday) or any other fixed in decorative accessories. 
  • Pupils should not have beads in their hair. 
  • Pupils should not have lines or patterns shaved into their hair. 
  • Hairstyles should not be extreme in any way.  

Please ensure your child always has a PE kit available in school. PE kits can be left in bags on your child's peg in the cloakroom and periodically brought home to be washed.

Children are expected to come to school appropriately dressed. Casual wear such as jeans, sportswear and fashion items are considered unsuitable and are strongly discouraged. Extreme hairstyles (ie. shaved heads, patterns, lines or extreme hair colours) are also strongly discouraged.


  • Plain white t-shirt (available with school logo from Emblematic) 
  • Black or grey tracksuit bottoms/shorts 
  • Training shoes

Please note: The headteacher has the right to prohibit the wearing of certain types of clothing or particular items that are deemed, on safety or other grounds, to be unsuitable for wear in school. Pupils are not allowed to wear jewellery for health and safety reasons.