Diamond Hall Junior Academy-179


In Year 4, the children will build on the foundations which were laid in their first year at Diamond Hall Junior Academy. They will follow a creative and challenging curriculum to help them achieve their very best in school. 

This year 4NK/AH will be learning through a range of exciting topics, that will encourage their natural curiosity and develop their knowledge. 

Pupils will be reading class novels, starting with Erik the Viking in the first half term. Using these stories, new reading and writing skills will be taught. Children will get to explore a range of texts through independent reading activities and the use of accelerated reader. Writing skills such as speech, conjunctions and fronted adverbials will be applied to a number of different genres.

Through the use of Maths - No Problem! pupils will be working with numbers up to 10,000. Topics include place value, addition and subtraction and fractions. There will be ample opportunity for children to apply their skills to reasoning problems, where they will focus on their explanations. This focus will begin immediately in order for the children to become accustomed to these question types. 

In topic, 4NK/AH will be covering topics such as Misty Mountain, Invasion and Ancient Civilisations. The first half term will begin with studying the impact of the withdrawal of the Romans from Britannia, where the class will focus on the struggle for power and the arrival of the Vikings. Children will learn vocabulary such as ‘chronology’, BC and AD to help them explain when historical events happened. We will implement role play and drama into our lessons to embed our new knowledge.

As well as this, we will enjoy other subjects such as science, P.E., music and art.

What their teacher says:

I am so excited to be teaching such a hardworking bunch again. They’ve shown amazing resilience in recent times and I’m incredibly proud of how well they have adapted. Teaching these children and working alongside a fantastic team puts a smile on my face every day!
Mr Woods

What the children say:

I am really excited to be in Year 4. I love our writing lessons because we get to publish our best work which means we can look back and take pride in it. I like our art lessons because I can be creative and show everyone my artwork.