Diamond Hall Junior Academy-31


In Year 5, the children will build on their achievement in Year 4 as they push up towards the top of the school. We have a fantastic curriculum this year that is designed to challenge and excite them.

We have started with our ‘Dynamic Dynasties’ topic, where the children are taken on a journey through the bloodthirsty emperors of Ancient China. After this, we explore agriculture in our ‘Sow, Grow and Farm’ topic before moving onto ‘Ground Breaking Greeks’.

This year, we are working in smaller Maths and English groups, with tailored work for each child. They will be set homework every Friday, which is to be returned the following Tuesday. Furthermore, they will be expanding their vocabulary as they learn a new set of spellings every week, being tested every Friday.

Our fantastic Science topic sees the children exploring the world around them, Firstly, they are looking at the Forces before moving onto Earth and Space. As they build their knowledge of the Solar System and our planet, we will move onto Animals (including Humans) and Materials (and their properties).

The children are encouraged to read at home daily and practise their Times Tables, fluency in both of these will have a hugely positive impact on all their work throughout the Year.

What the teacher says

I am extremely excited to be working in Year 5 this year! The children show so much promise and potential, it is a privilege to be their teacher. I can’t wait to guide them through all our exciting topics, seeing the progress they make and the new knowledge they learn.
Mr Cureton