Diamond Academy-23


In Year 4, the children will build on the foundations which were laid in their first year at Diamond Hall Junior Academy. They will follow a creative and challenging curriculum to help them achieve their very best in school. 

This year, firstly, the children will focus on History in our ‘I am Warrior’ topic. Later in the year, we will take a journey to America as we learn through ‘Road Trip USA’.  

Our first novel, Thieves of Ostia by C. Lawrence, has been an instant hit and the children have been sucked into a world of mystery, secrets and danger; in fact, they just can’t put it down! We encourage the children to find a passion for reading as reading for pleasure has proven to impact positively upon writing standards too. The children will also develop their independent reading skills through Accelerated Reader/ MyOn in which children read a book at their level and then quiz on this book to show their understanding of the text. Engaging stimuli from our topic, or topic-based texts, are used to create writing genres for the children to learn new skills and then apply them in a purposeful way.

In maths, we follow ‘Maths No Problem!’ which follows the National Curriculum and the Singapore maths approach - teaching maths for mastery and placing a great emphasis on developing problem-solving skills. Topics we will cover across the year include place value, fractions, money and the four rules of number, the children will be given opportunities to explore, learn and apply new skills.  Children in Year 4 are expected to master all times tables by the end of the year.

What their teacher says:

I am so excited to be working in Year 4 again! We are going to have a wonderful time learning our exciting topics. I know the children will have fun whilst learning new skills and knowledge. Here’s to making this a memorable and enjoyable year for all!
Ms Edwards

What the children say:

I am looking forward to working in Year 4. My favourite subject is science (Jane) My favourite subject is Art because I can be creative. I enjoy coming to school to see my teachers and friends (Gracie) I love to read the class novel because I get to learn about different types of books. It’s interesting! (Kie...