Diamond Hall Junior Academy-129


In Year 5, we cover a range of exciting topics such as ‘Off with her head and ‘Pharaohs’ which help the children to develop new skills as they progress through upper school. 5HL will have an exciting year as they develop their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum.

Every morning, the children will complete their reading, writing, maths and spelling lessons. Their reading lesson will consist of clarifying vocabulary in its context as well as using inference and prediction skills. They will retrieve from challenging texts as well as explaining and summarising what they have read, learning how to articulate their answers. Their writing lesson will follow a two week cycle in which they practise Year 5 skills, then using them within a piece of writing whether that be fiction or non-fiction. The children will focus on the cohesion of their writing keeping the audience and purpose in mind. During mathematics, the children will follow their familiar Maths No Problem lessons as well as being challenged with reasoning and problem solving daily.

This year, Year 5 are covering three interesting topics; Dynamic Dynasties (history), Sow, Grow and Farm (Geography) and Ground Breaking Greeks (history). We will also be investigating Forces, Earth and Space, Animals including Humans and Properties and Changes of Materials in science. Following our wide and varied curriculum, Year 5 will get creative during art, design and technology lessons and music. We will practise the French language as well as keeping active in PE.

What their teacher says:

Knowing most of the children already, their amazing personalities and how intelligent they all are made me extremely excited for 2021 – 2022. I will encourage, praise, guide and inspire all the children within my classroom, keeping them safe and happy in my care.
Miss Robinson

What our children say:

I am excited to learn more knowledge in Year 5. My favourite lesson is RE because I enjoy learning about different cultures and religion.

What our children say:

I feel great to be in Year 5 and was excited to see my teacher again, Miss Robinson. I love to write, and my favourite lesson is English. I enjoy art and drawing.