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School uniform

Our pupils wear their uniform with pride and we have ensured that it is comfortable, practical, smart, and as low-cost as possible. We ask that all parents/carers and pupils adhere to our policy.

Our school uniform 

  • Navy V-neck jumper or cardigan with green trim (required, available from the uniform supplier). 
  • White shirt (required, generic).
  • Tartan school tie (required, only available from the uniform supplier).
  • Box pleat navy and green tartan skirt (required, only available from the uniform supplier). 
  • Box Pleat navy and green tartan pinafore (required, only available from the uniform supplier). 
  • Black straight leg trousers (required, generic).
  • Black socks or tights (required, generic).
  • Optional - navy Diamond Hall Junior Academy zip fleece/waterproof jacket; and 
  • Diamond Hall Junior Academy bag or a practical unbranded navy or black school bag.
  • Navy blue gingham dress
  • Plain black, formal straight cut shorts- just above the knee. No jeans, cargo style, leggings, stretchy or tracksuit style. PE shorts, in all styles are not allowed.


  • Plain black shoes (no trainers) (required, generic).
  • All shoes should have a low heel. 
  • Laces should be plain black. 
  • Wellingtons and boots can be worn to travel to school in wetter weather, but children need to change into their school shoes on arrival. 

PE kit 

All PE kits must be free from any logo or brand name, apart from theschool logo. No football shirts allowed. For PE lessons and After-School clubs all children need: 

  • Plain white, round neck t-shirt (required, generic, also available from the uniform supplier with a Diamond Hall Junior Academy logo). 
  • Black shorts or jogging bottoms. 
  • Black trainers. 

Pupils must wear their school jumper or cardigan over their PE kit, not tracksuit tops. Tracksuit tops may be worn during the PE lesson.

Jewellery and accessories 

  • A watch (not a smart watch) and plain stud earrings can be worn. Watches and earrings must be removed for PE lessons – this is the responsibility of parents/carers to remove these before school.
  • Nail varnish and nails extension are not permitted in school.
  • Makeup is not allowed.


  • Long hair should be tied back. Hair should also be tied back if it restricts the pupil’s vision.
  • Hairbands and bobbles should be plain black. 

 The following are not permitted:

  • Hair dye and coloured streaks/hair extensions are not permitted. 
  • Decorative braids, fixed decorative accessories, and/or beads.
  • No patterns or lines shaven in the hair. 
  • Extreme hair designs.

How to order

Uniform can be ordered through our supplier, Emblematic here: or directly through the school office. 

Support with uniform 

The Academy has available pre-loved uniforms which are available to parents/carers. Parents/carers should contact the school office for further information.

Find full information on our uniform in our uniform policy on our policy page. 


Diamond Hall uniform